What up?!

Most people call me Trevor but my close friends and family call me confused. Here we have a 27 year old recent undergrad student (Woot!) from Holy Toledo Ohio with mad ambition to do nothing for the rest of his life. Now, in saying that, I am not merely talking about being a lazy jerk-off who has no aspirations or goals. See,what had happed was…. My family exposed me to a lot of things in life and I have been able to make choices at a young age that I probably should not have been able to make. Nothing is wrong with that, right? WRONG! By being tooyoung to understand what was wrong or right for me I’ve made some risky decisions. I have quit more jobs that most people I know get hired for and I never do it on the right terms. i.e. telling a co-worker that I have anxiety and I need to stay away from the office for a while. SMH. I didn’t even talk to the manager. But in my defense I should have never been trying to sell cars in the first place.

What I have learned though my trials and inexperience is, I am not built for the corporate world. Well, not in the suit and tie and staying in one cubical sense. I’d much rather be traveling the world making money from my computer and competing in bodybuilding competitions (which I am very passionate about). The world of entrepreneurship has been calling my name for some time (which I am extremely passionate about) and even though I am dead ass broke I will not give in until I have made it on my own as an entrepreneur. I could go on and on and on about me in this about page but it would a waste of time because my daily post will say it all and you will get a gest of how fucking odd I truly am!!

Stay foolish and stay hungry


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